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Malika Warda
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Malika Warda

Yoga Teacher

Teaching style:

Malika Warda

Malika was intrigued quite early in age in the pursuit of happiness, questioning life and it’s many mysteries. You’ll see some of this hidden beauty through her creative writing! The practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga had her dedication, and she now follows a daily yoga & meditation discipline, one which she says  is always changing and telling.

In having completed her initial yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali, through Frog Lotus Yoga International, her studies have continued further, with an additional 100 hours in that of philosophy, meditation, pranayama and advanced assisting.

Yoga became a way for Malika to create space within herself, encouraging the natural flow of inspiration and intuition to shine. This too is her intention for her students, “yes we practice a physical discipline, but ultimately, for the enhancement of inner space; liberation.”

You’ll find her teaching our Corporate Classes.

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