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Sacha Lee Flanagan
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Sacha Lee Flanagan

Yoga Teacher, Dancer

Teaching style:

Sacha Lee Flanagan

Sacha expresses herself best through dance. It was her time in London where she fell in love with the practice of yoga, and to this day, her career as a professional contemporary dancer and freelance yogi allows her to lead her students through a dynamic flow with creativity and soul.

Her connection to Vinyasa has transformed the way she moves and lives, everyday. Sacha is extremely passionate about passing on her knowledge.

She loves chocolate (we have documented her saying “give me all the chocolate”), she loves her family and she considers her besties as being a ‘talented bunch’. Oh, and she loves yoga.

You’ll find Sacha teaching our Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes at the studio.

Sacha's Timetable

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