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5 Reasons Why Yoga is Right For You
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5 Reasons Why Yoga is Right For You

Yoga has been in existence for thousands of years, and incorporates a series of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in India. Yoga very much remained an eastern practice until the 1980s, when it was introduced to the western world. Perhaps the attraction of yoga is the combination of spiritual and physical exercises that result in a feeling of well-being for the user. The benefits of practising yoga are many, and here are just a few of the reasons why this ancient spiritual practice has taken off in the west.

Yoga Reduces Stress & Improves Your Mood

Specific meditation techniques are used in most forms of yoga, and this teaches one how to relax, which relieves the stress that comes from the fast pace of modern life. Breathing techniques enable more oxygen to reach the brain, and this provides a level of clarity and calmness, which is beneficial to spiritual development.

Yoga Improves Circulation

Practicing yoga improves circulation, and all the muscle groups receive a workout, and by having the body and mind in harmony, you begin to feel the benefits of the meditation side to yoga. The connection between mind and body is strengthened by yoga, as both are utilised in harmony with each other, and this is an efficient way to rid toxins from the body.

Dis-Engage the Brain

Twenty first century living is very taxing on the brain, constantly on alert as we go through our daily activities, and yoga teaches us how to relax and contemplate nothingness. This serenity is a tonic for the brain, and it performs so much better when it has to, if it regularly dis-engages for a while.

The Ability to Focus

Many people have remarked on how much more focused they became after beginning to practice yoga, and this ability to focus stems from the meditation exercises, which teach us how to direct our spiritual energy. If you have trouble with concentration, yoga could be the very thing you need. It isn’t just a physical regime, nor is it only spiritual, and the benefits include a heightened level of alertness and awareness, coupled with the ability to concentrate for longer periods.

Avoid Sporting Injuries

Yoga can prevent sporting injuries, as the routine warms up muscles and makes the body more flexible. Those who practice on a daily basis would be far less likely to suffer a sporting injury, and yoga also involves working specific muscle groups, which is perfect for recovery periods. Some athletes spend a few minutes with yoga before training or competing, as a form of warm up.

If you are feeling the strain in your busy life, and are looking for something to improve your health and general well-being, yoga could be for you. By allocating a few hours a week, you can bring a level of serenity into your life, and with the physical benefits of yoga, you really can’t go wrong. If you want to know more, and try it out for yourself, contact us and we would love to see you at one of our classes.