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5 Ways Our Perth Yoga Studio Is Sustainable
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5 Ways Our Perth Yoga Studio Is Sustainable

Here at our yoga studio in Perth, WA – we take part in living sustainably. How, you ask? Being a yoga studio doesn’t just mean that we help you get healthy with breathing exercises and twisted poses, but we reflect this in all areas of our studio too.

Here are 5 ways we live sustainably:

  1. Refillable & Reusable Yoga Mat Sprays in Glass Bottles

Ever stepped foot into our studio and noticed the heavenly scents around? It’s probably a combination of Second Nature Botanicals’ products. As a fellow Perth yoga small business, there’s no better way than to support an earth-friendly local business! We stock and use three of their products and we are IN LOVE.

If you’re borrowing a mat, the yogic thing to do is to wipe down your mat ready for the next person to use and that’s one way to practice saucha (i.e. cleanliness). Second Nature Botanicals’ Yoga Mat Spray is one divine creation. It’s an antibacterial blend of essential oils including lavender, wild orange, eucalyptus, clove and rosemary. How earthy does that sound? Yep, it’ll leave you feeling so grounded. If you go to their website you’ll even receive 20% off your first order and if you’re lucky, Kirsty, co-founder of SNB might give you the green tick and throw in a microfiber towel. It’s not any old one, but one she’s carefully picked out (we were one of those lucky ones and now use them at our Perth yoga studio too)!

  1. Refillable & Reusable Organic Foaming Soap

We want to tell you about a little secret. The best soap you’ll come across is one made in Perth and we have it right here in our yoga studio – another one from Second Nature Botanicals. Of course, just like the yoga mat spray, we get soap refills from Kirsty who not only works an office job in Perth, runs her own business but also practices at our studio. You’ll be foaming your hands in a blend of lime and lemongrass. We can’t get enough of it!

Kirsty also holds various natural and sustainable workshops. You’ll catch SNB in Perth and the next workshop will be hosted right here at our yoga studio on the 19th March 2017 where you’ll be making your very own perfume oil rollers.

  1. Stretch Now Organic Bolsters

Lay on down with a Yin or a Restorative class at 7.15pm and you’ll be on your way to relaxation. We use StretchNow bolsters, which are filled with organic cotton and come with a washable 100% organic cotton cover. At Bodyscape Yoga, Perth studio, we have you covered with the best eco-friendly products around. You can also purchase our organic bolsters for $99 at the studio – just contact us and arrange a time to pick-up.

  1. Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

You might have seen that colourfully wrapped toilet paper around in some super hip cafes in Perth, yoga studios over East and health shops, and we’ve got it. 100% forest friendly toilet paper, ‘that makes your bum smile’ from some Aussie guys who started Who Gives A Crap. Come and use our bathroom and test it out for yourself, you’ll be doing yourself a favour – 50% of the profits are donated to build toilets in developing countries.

5.  Natural Disinfecting Spray

There’s of course our third and final product we use from Second Nature Botanicals, and that’s the Natural Disinfecting Spray. Not only is it in a glass bottle too, but also plant-based with 100% pure essential oil scent of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Leaf. Just spray, and you’re on your way.

Ok, now you better come down to the studio and experience for yourself how yoga goes beyond the walls of our Perth yoga studio into our daily actions.