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5 Ways Yoga Strengthens Your Relationships
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5 Ways Yoga Strengthens Your Relationships

The rise of the Power Yoga couple is everywhere from Briohny and Dice (Bryce Yoga) posting ‘that‘ video, to Acroyoga having a huge surge in popularity, the saying seems to go ‘those who yoga together stay together’. So let’s look at how yoga helps strengthen our relationship bonds.

1. You recognise and accept each others strengths and weaknesses

He can easily float up into crow pose while you can fold like its nobody’s business (and he is stuck looking like an awkward pigeon). Yoga shows us that we all have areas of strength which we can rely on and weaknesses to accept.

2. Yoga leaves you blissed out

Hard to argue about the dishes or the washing when you are relaxed from 10 blissful minutes in savasana.

3. You get stronger and more flexible… together

Enough said.

4. You find more time

With not enough hours spent together, time in the studio is just what you need.

5. Balance comes more easily

Yoga helps us to find balance in the small moments, helping us to prioritise the big ones.


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