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Bare & Wilde – The Perfect Box
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Bare & Wilde – The Perfect Box

If you’re someone like me who’s into personal development, spirituality and self-help books, then I’m sure you’ve come across The 5 Love Languages. It’s based on the idea that everyone speaks a primary love language, and without getting too much into it, my love language is receiving gifts.

Yes, I love receiving gifts, and it might seem shallow with all the talk when someone can’t find you a gift, and you say, “It’s the thought that counts”, I believe otherwise. Gifts, no matter, small or big, show me that I’ve been on someone’s mind and I truly appreciate (and respond very well to) that.

As an ambassador for Bare and Wilde, I was gifted the Winter Wellness gift box which meant I opened up a luxurious, white box full of wellness. Firstly, ticked off in the ‘gift’ department and what’s more, everything in there carefully handpicked for the health and wellness consumer in mind.

perth wellness

Inside, a sweet-smelling candle by State of Mind, hand-poured in Perth. The back story is that the founder, Adele, is a friend of mine and also someone you can actually bump into, probably helping you find your perfect yoga leggings at the lululemon Claremont store – she’s assistant store manager, so say hello to her! I also sell this at Bodyscape Yoga so although you may have missed out on the winter wellness box, you can still get your hands on her products.

The gift box also got me into the kitchen, not to eat, but to bake! I’ve got such a sweet tooth that you wouldn’t be surprised if I ordered banana bread with my morning matcha, however getting me to bake my own sweets would be pushing it. Lucky for me, in the box was a pre-made mix of Organic Banana Bread by Wholefood Society. Now, I’ve been following Nadia Felsch on instagram since day one so when I realised she created this baking mix, I was beyond ecstatic.

wholefood society

Now, being the non-baker that I am, for next time I just need to remember to stir a little more than I did, as I could taste bits of the organic baking soda. Certified organic, and for next time with the extra stirring, I’ll be certified baker. Anyway, I paired it up with a botanical infusion of chai from Alchemy Eden which had this fancy siberian ginseng to give me some added oomph but found it was a little bit too weak for my liking.

chai tea

I almost feel like a new person having been gifted with Bare & Wilde because my new night routine for about a month now is a spritz of Auric Alchemy’s Dream mist which is infused with crystal and chamomile, my At One Skincare Night Repair Serum that I put on just before I go to bed and lastly, my Nelumbo Renew Hand Cream.

perth wellness

As you may know, I’m a huge supporter of Perth local businesses so that’s a check for:

Bare & Wilde (Perth)
State of Mind (Perth)
At One Skincare (Perth)
Nelumbo (Perth)

…and Australian wellness products for everything else that came in the box! I’m sold!