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  • Learn To Be With The Flow Of Life (And Yoga)
    1 May

    Learn To Be With The Flow Of Life (And Yoga)

    A little over 4 years ago, I quit my full-time office job to do my yoga teacher training. It was the best decision I’ve made. To this day, I still get asked whether I would ever go back to being a lawyer. I laugh it off and my answer is always “No! Never!” It’s funny […]

  • 23 April

    How I Prevented Yoga Teacher Burnout

    I used to teach 25 yoga classes per week in Perth. This is considered a lot in the yoga teaching world. It’s not like you can equate that to 25 hours of a working week. On top of that, there’s the preparation, the driving (sometimes the impossible parking situations), the hours in between classes, the […]

    How I Prevented Yoga Teacher Burnout
  • Easter Ananda Challenge
    19 March

    Easter Ananda Challenge

    With Easter just around the corner, you’ve probably been tempted at the shops with Lindt and Koko-Black Chocolate Easter eggs. And I won’t judge you. I’m a sucker for anything sweet. Just like this sweet-ass deal… For Easter and the love of hot-cross buns, get your buns at the Bodyscape Yoga studio, complete 6 different […]