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Bodyscape Yoga
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Bodyscape Yoga

Yoga exercise is a great investment for the mind and body. Yoga has shown over time to be important for cardiac and circulatory health, weight reduction, maintaining a balanced metabolism, improved respiration, energy, and vitality as well as increased muscle strength and tone amongst others. A healthy body would invariably translate into a healthy mind. Yoga contributes in promoting balance in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of man, thus a well-approved exercise. This awareness and the need to help men achieve a healthy living put us in a position where we try to help people achieve this balance.

Whatever purpose for which you are trying out the yoga exercise; whether to boost your fitness, learn how to focus or to relieve stress, you can always sign up with us to help you achieve that. You have the option of either signing up online or signing up with our studio depending on which is more convenient for you. We can also work with you to provide custom service with training days that you can meet up with. We take great interest in the health and wellness of our clients and should we have to go the extra mile with you to get you satisfied we will.


perth yogaYoga exercise is a very good way to meditate and this you cannot do in a noisy or busy place. For an exciting yoga in Perth, we highly recommend that you pay us a visit. The experience is one that will thrill you. From the environment to the trainers, we are set to give you an experience of your life. Our work station is big enough to contain a sizeable number of people without feeling congested. The yoga tutors are experts in their line of practice having undergone special training to carry out this task.


For our clients who have busy schedule at work, we have a corporate yoga plan where we specially design the yoga exercise around your schedule. Depending on when your timetable says free, we can arrange a yoga session for you around that period so that you are not being left out of the benefits. Our office yoga Perth plan ensures that every working client is being carried along and benefits from the package of yoga. By special request from clients, we also make privates sessions available in client homes. It is important to us that you enjoy a healthy life thus we go out of our way to see that we meet this need in this capacity that we can.

There are different practices that you can enroll for in our studio: power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pilates, Yin yoga, restorative yoga amongst others. Power yoga is one of the intense yoga exercises that will make you sweat but its benefits are enormous. It is a great work out for strength and agility but not meditation. If you want to feel energized for the better part of your day, power yoga is recommended. It is an intense work-out, no doubt but you are going to love the feeling afterwards especially if you want to gain strength, stamina, internal heat, flexibility or reduce stress. Our expert trainers are always ready to take you through the routine as long as it lasts.


In Vinyasa yoga classes, we help our clients coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Vinyasa flow essentially refers to synchrony between movement and breath. The Vinyasa flow entails a lot of things that our tutors would put you through in a deeper understanding. For this yoga practice, alignment matters, breath matters, you don’t necessarily need to be fast, you should rest; it is an option, it is not advisable to push through pain, when you are in doubt, you should go slower and so on. These are some of the rudimentary lessons that our seasoned trainers will take you through. A trial at the BodyScape Perth yoga is certainly going to convince you. Our clients do not have to know a lot, when they enroll, we specially train them to appreciate more deeply the benefits of each of the yoga practices and find one that suits their purpose.

Some of our clients may be interested in pilates. The pilate yoga doesn’t make you sweaty like some others. It is about concentration and breathing. Flexibility and strength are added advantage of this workout. We recommend that you start this exercise under the supervision of a trainer whether at the comfort of your home or in our workstation. The benefit of having one of our trainers guide you through the process cannot be overemphasized. Perth corporate services are also available for clients with daily busy schedule.


Your interest could also be on the Yin yoga. You’ll find out when you start, that this yoga style has its unique benefits too. It helps to calm and balance the mind and body, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increases blood circulation, improves flexibility and joint mobility amongst others. It is not as popular as the others but a consistent practice would yield you a lot to be grateful over. And with our excellent trainers at work with you, you can be sure of what a great impact the exercise will have on you. For a life-transforming yoga Perth experience, get through to us as quickly as you can.

After a day’s bustle and hustle, stress and mind sickening, what therapy would you rather be on? The restorative yoga exercise is naturally relieving therapy that will help your mind relax, calm your nerves and restore peace to your aching soul. We have mastered this art over many years and can assure you that you are in good hands for the best yoga therapy.

We are a specialized team of yoga trainers and educators with many years of excellent track records. Be our guest for the best Perth yoga experience you can ever think of. You can reach us on 0401738596 for any information or inquiry about our Perth yoga services.