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We come to yoga for many reasons, and at Bodyscape Yoga, we welcome all levels of students. No matter your experience, we encourage everyone to try all our class styles and be curious so that you can maximise the benefits of your practice in this unending study of joy!

We honor our teachers and their individuality so we like them to be themselves and teach what they are truly passionate about. You might notice your favourite teacher, teaching only selected class styles because of this.

To help you decide which classes might be best for you, we’ve ordered our classes in order of strongest to lightest. So just like everything else, it’s a great idea to work your way up! Otherwise, give us a call and we’d be happy to chat to you.

Led Ashtanga/Mysore
Led Ashtanga/Mysore Timetable
Guided set sequence in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya of Mysore, India

Be guided through sun salutes, standing poses, a series of seated poses and finally savasana. This is a set sequence where the teacher will give individual help so every student will receive personalised attention. This traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga is healing, cleansing, toning and builds strength and flexibility progressively. Suitable for all levels, Mysore practitioners welcome.

Ideal for

Those wanting a solid yoga foundation and advanced practitioners.

A workout inspired vinyasa class with extra repetitions to build heat

This class will include everything you would expect to see in a vinyasa class – but more! Warm ups, core, pranayama, standing poses, arm balances, inversions, twists, core, backbends, seated poses, and something to challenge everyone. See the addition of repetitions like lunges, double chaturangas, one-legged squats, leg lifts, spider-man planks and crazy side plank killers to get your heart rate up. It should challenge everyone at any level. Remember, you can take breaks in child’s pose and just breathe whenever you need to, re-joining when you’re ready, but always keep trying.

Ideal for

Students with a regular practice, especially those wanting a physical challenge.

Power Yoga
Power Yoga Timetable
Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow Timetable
A dynamic and uplifting practice that links breath to movement

The character of each class is unique to individual teachers, however variations will always be offered so you can still practice at your own level. Faster than our slow flow class, there may be a lot to learn in the first few classes you take. The more you practice, the more fun it is! Classes are held at a moderate pace with poses linked together for a continuous flow.

Ideal for

Those wanting to be energised and nourished! Some experience helpful, however beginners are welcome too.

All about finding balance and getting the best of both energies.

A practice that blends strengthening and softening elements you’ll be warming up your body the first 30mins, and then holding grounded yin postures in the last 30mins of class. You will leave feeling like you’ve blissfully worked every single part of your body. Join us for the ultimate stretch and flow experience.

Ideal for

Complete beginners or students who want to slow down their flow.

Yin/Yang Timetable
Extreme Stretch
Extreme Stretch Timetable
A fusion of dynamic stretching and PNF stretching to get you super flexible

Various stretching techniques are involved including active isolation and partner-assist exercises. Extreme Stretch will get you deeper into flexibility as it opens up your joints and restrictions, bringing pure deliciousness into your body. We draw from the influences of and the techniques of classical ballet to stretch you to the max. Come prepared to work and get bendy!

Ideal for

Tight bodies, athletes seeking better performance, and for those who just don’t move enough.

A pilates-inspired conditioning class for a strong physical foundation with heaters on

Challenge yourself with a strong, heated Pilates class. This mat workout is based around a flowing, dynamic sequence of exercises that build strength, stability and core control. A fun, full body conditioning class for all levels to enjoy (and sweat through!)

Ideal for

Complete beginners or even the active person who craves for practicality and is inspired by challenge.

Heated Pilates
Heated Pilates Timetable
Roll & Release
Roll & Release Timetable
A therapeutic class to complement to your yoga practice or any other physical training

Use spikey balls and blocks (provided) as tools to massage your myofascial tissues, a membrane that tightens from physical injuries, emotional traumas, overuse of muscles and lack of movement. A quick and effective technique that will leave you feeling energised and stretched. This class is combined in Extreme Stretch and is the massage you can’t quite justify each week.

Ideal for

Tight bodies, chronic pain sufferers, athletes, effective recovery and injury prevention.

A deep, thorough, myofascial stretch for your entire body

A slow-paced class where poses (mostly seated) are held between 3-8 minutes. You are guided through an intelligent sequence of simple poses, the after effect is similar to that of acupuncture as the joints decompress and open. Not only does Yin Yoga benefit your physical body but also encourages the mind to be completely relaxed. Patience is the key to this practice.

Ideal for

Tight bodies, athletes, those wanting to slow down and stretch.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga Timetable
Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga Timetable
A gentle and nurturing practice to completely unwind and destress

A much needed practice in this fast moving world, get into a state of total peace while you are fully taken care of by the use of blankets, eye pillows and bolsters. It is known that stress is the silent killer, so use this class as a stress management tool. Be open to receive assistance to relax, the gift of self-care amongst the busyness of life.

Ideal for

Highly active people needing to relax, treat stress, anxiety, menopause, digestive issues, hormone balance.

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