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Day 1: What’s Important In a Juice Cleanse
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Day 1: What’s Important In a Juice Cleanse

There are two factors I found out, that influences whether you will get through a juice cleanse, or not – taste and power. And I’m so lucky to have come across Refresh Juice and Cleanse because it ticks these two boxes.

I wanted to know what I was getting in my body and Liam, the owner of Refresh Juice and Cleanse was so happy to answer all the questions I had! Without knowing, we spent a solid 45 minutes on the phone while he was doing deliveries, and we chatted about all things juice as well as his time working as a personal chef with some big names like Madonna!

Green juices tend to be a bit of a hit and miss. There’s all sorts out there. But Refresh Juice have it right. Their Green A+ was your very green apple, celery, parsley, kale, cucumber, lettuce and lemon kind. Nourishing, fresh everything you would want in a green juice. Not too sweet, just the right amount of everything. Then you have the Green B+ which has the addition of pineapple, and to me this almost satisfied my sugar cravings!

perth cold pressed juice

I ventured on to Power+ which made me reminisce of my time in Ubud, Bali. It’s where I took my first jamu and it’s pretty intersting considering that my parents are Indonesian. Ubud was the where I did my yoga teacher training and it’s so good to reflect on how I’ve evolved since then. But back on jamu and juices – turmeric, ginger and the black pepper. The aftertaste of Power+ is like jamu, but more pleasant.

I’ve had a long love affair for turmeric. You see, my knee showed signs of inflammation a while ago to the point where I couldn’t imagine myself being in child’s pose ever again. It was a sad few months. And I came across this article about turmeric.

In the attempts to ‘fix’ my knee, I consumed sprinkles of turmeric where I could in my meals, not knowing that it needs to be taken with black pepper to be effective. The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin, and on its own, turmeric contains only 2-5% curcumin. This isn’t good news because it means turmeric isn’t easily absorbed in our bodies and goes straight out. However, if turmeric is combined with black pepper, it’s known to be 2000 times more potent (i.e. more bioavailable). This is where the power of the juice comes in.

turmeric juice

You can see how Refresh Juice plays on the principles of yoga’s sister science Ayurveda in a way where I can trust that the ingredients in each blend have a reason behind them to give my body what it needs. You won’t believe how you can not only be rewarded in taste but to have juices which support the natural healing power of your body. You’ve really got to get on Refresh Juice! Have a look at their juices & cleanses here.

Photography by Stephanie Ti.