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Day 2: A Growling Stomach
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Day 2: A Growling Stomach

It got hard. It wasn’t the hunger, but the longing to chew on solid food and the churning that was happening in my belly. The worse bit, I didn’t have to tell everyone about it. They could just hear it.

My day at the studio started at 6am and I was feeling great. Committed, energised and ready. However, I had a long day planned ahead.

I wouldn’t recommend committing to a cleanse when you know you’ve got a lot on, but with everything, there’s really no perfect time to start something like this. You’ve just gotta do it.

As a full-time yoga teacher and studio owner, you can imagine how hectic my schedule is, and there was not one place where my juices could be refrigerated so I found myself bringing my cooler bag, an ice-pack and the juices with me. With the added load of my yoga mat and yoga props to bring around all over Perth, I found it not the most practical of days to do this.

juice cleanse

If you work in an office and there’s a kitchen fridge, things would be easier. The problem on the other hand, might be keeping the juices from disappearing because they just taste SO good.

So you NEED to try Awaken. My mind was blown to bits when I had this juice. Can you imagine a real strong hit of spice? I thought it was ginger at first but turned out to be cayenne pepper! Maybe it’s the combo of lemon verbena and pear with it, but doesn’t it all sounds divine?

Anyway. The other real bonus of this juice was the chia seeds. OMG. I’ve never been a great fan of chia pudding. It was all just a bit gooey for me. Chia in granola I can do, that’s another thing. But chia in this kind of juice? WOW. You can see how excited I am about this juice. And it totally lifted my spirits about the cleanse. I’m gonna just keep juicin’.

The juices sustained me all day long, and I had 8 bottles of juice to go through, plus the water in between. I couldn’t finish 8 in one go and I think I wasn’t prepared to consume so much liquid!

The evening ended with a meditation workshop at the studio, but imagine what happened when I laid myself out while on this juice cleanse? Borborygmus happened.

growling stomach

No pain, no discomfort, just noise. I thought that my digestive system was on a search for all those missing carbs and fibre I’d normally have needing to be broken down. I was kind of right. It turns out my muscles were contracting in a process called peristalsis. Basically, the nerves in my body were giving signals to my brain to start this process. My stomach was empty and therefore, the growling was loud. Really loud.

Nice try, belly. I wasn’t even hungry, it was just peristalsis happening and I was feeling sluggy and sad.

How often do we all feel shit though? This yoga thing (the wellness industry) it’s supposed to bring us happiness and peace of mind so I was questioning why it wasn’t.

I realised after some time reflecting, whatever comes up is our teacher in that moment. So I’m thinking when it’s all over, I’m going to eat all the food I’ve been dreaming of, while still committing to my intention.

Photography by Stephanie Ti.