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Day 3: My Favourite Juice Isn’t Really A Juice
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Day 3: My Favourite Juice Isn’t Really A Juice

I want to talk about 2 special juices today. Both very different in their own way and for sure I’ve got a preference. Read on and I’ll tell you.

Whenever I go out for a meal with my mum, her all-time question she asks the watier is, “What’s the most popular dish from the menu?”

The answers are classic. Either the waiter suggests the most expensive dish and puts me off from trusting them or they say, “Oh it really depends on what you like”!

If it depended on that I’d be getting nowhere.

So allow me to be genuine with my blogging and let me say that if there was something new that I’d wake up to, it would be Black Lemonade. Yes, you heard me. Activated charcoal, coconut, lemon and agave.

I loved it! Totally refreshing and I’m sure it’s cleaning up my gut. With its absorbent properties, charcoal is known to reduce the symptoms of a hangover and even treat stomach bugs. Amazing right? I bought some to test out a while ago from Happy Coal to filter my water, but I just haven’t come around to road testing that out.

My black ‘juice’ went in an instant and I really look forward to having my next Black Lemonade.

perth juice cleanse

I ended the day with Seed. If you’re familiar with cold-pressed juices, there’s always one that’s nut-milk. It’s dairy free and the nuts end up promoting that deep restful sleep because they’re rich in protein.

Refresh Juice and Cleanse’s Seed is made up of a whole lot of natural, whole ingredients. Flax seed for one (also known as linseed), contains fatty acids which helps us to fall asleep and stay asleep. And it really did help me to that.

Seed also contains macrobiotic sea salt and another interesting fact I learned from Liam, the owner of Refresh Juice and Cleanse is that this salt is taken from the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight, brought to Whyalla in South Australia and takes 10 years to dry the water and reduce it to the sea salt we know and love.

Macrobiotics is about food from the Earth and I am reminded of my yoga practice in the way we ground ourselves and offer our gratitude for the gifts we have not asked or paid for but how nature came about as is. Untouched and unfiltered. When we are grateful, we also open the pathways of reciprocity. Let me mention that Refresh Juice and Cleanse will pick up your empty glass bottles to recycle and reuse. It’s a win-win.

The other beautiful ingredient found in Seed is the addition of bee pollen, which is sourced locally and sustainably from Chittering. Yes! #PerthLOCAL – all the things we promote too here at Bodyscape Yoga. It makes sense doesn’t it to keep our ingredients as local and native as possible? If the bee pollen was sourced from over east, we may not be as immune as we are to it with allergies.

The most interesting thing made known to me was that bee pollen contains approximately 40% protein. This is more than any animal source! So as one of nature’s most nourishing foods, rich in vitamins, minerals and neuro-nutrients, no wonder I was getting the beauty sleep I needed.

In completion of my 3 day juice cleanse, I couldn’t wait to wake up in wonder and gratitude for all the good, nourishing food we have daily, but don’t think twice about.

cold pressed juice

Photography by Stephanie Ti.