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Immerse yourself in our upcoming events created carefully for you

You'll find a mix of workshops to build up on your physical practice but also a cross collaboration with some of our local favourites!

4 Week SUP Yoga – Private Gold

4x Sundays 20, 27 Jan and 3, 10 Feb 2019 | 3-4.30pm


4 WEEK SUP YOGA – Private Gold

‘Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself’

Claudia from Precious Breath Yoga and Rosanna from Bodyscape Yoga will be taking you into a deeply intuitive course. In 4 weeks, you’ll be guided through the wonders of sound and rhythm, echoing into the gold that resides in each of us. Our centre.

This is not your usual yoga and not your usual SUP Yoga either. We’re bringing in the elements of active listening into repetitive rhythm & flow sequences letting the movements bring us into stillness on the water. Expect the sounds of the rich harmonium, crystal singing bowl, chimes and the sound of nature and Mother Earth herself.

Watch, and feel your intuitive body shift during these 4 weeks. You’ll move from functioning via habitual patterns to a more conscious mind.

WHEN: 4x Sundays, 20 & 27 January, 3 & 10 February 2019 from 3-4.30pm.

WHERE: Meet us at the J H Abrahams Reserve in Crawley (just behind UWA).

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Some suncream, your swim-gear, yoga mat and a water bottle will do just fine. Bring a change of clothes and a towel!

INVESTMENT: $300 for 4 weeks

Intro to Essential Oils for Hormone & Anxiety Relief

Sunday 25 November 2018 | 3-4pm


After the raving feedback from the first Intro to Essential Oils held last month, we’ve come back to bring you another…

Into to Essential Oils for Hormone Balancing and Anxiety Relief with yoga teacher and essential oil lover, Claudia Scalisi.

Come along to this experiential class where we’ll be learning how we can better support ourselves and our changing cycles using the power of select essential oils.

These are a perfect companion for your yoga or meditation practices and provide every day support and is suitable for both women and men alike – we all have hormones to deal with!


No previous meditation or oils experience required.

Exchange: FREE

Bring: Notepad & pen.

SUP Yoga Taster

Sunday 11 November 2018 | 1.30-3.30pm


This water-based yoga experience is a blend of slow, graceful yoga movements combined with breath awareness meditations on Precious Breath SUP Yoga boards for you to enjoy. Claudia Scalisi will be leading us layer upon layer through lush yoga sequences and your invitation is to ignite your inner child-like creativity and joy at your body’s ability. On offer are gradual progressions so you can explore your own potential, whether you’re a complete novice or an advanced mermaid or merman.

While out on water, there will also be a land-based yoga class lead by Rosanna Susanto from Bodyscape Yoga, where you’ll have a chance to connect to the Earth and allow for curiosity take you into the healing benefits of nature into your body.

Let this SUP Yoga Taster be what gives you a head-start into the Summer days.

WHEN: Sunday 11th November 2018 at 1.30-3.30pm.

WHERE: Meet us at Matilda Bay Foreshore, next to the Matilda Bay Restaurant in Crawley.

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Some suncream, your swim-gear, yoga mat and a water bottle will do just fine. But come prepared – bring a change of clothes and a towel!

INVESTMENT: $75/person

Intro to Essential Oils for Meditation

Sunday 21 October 2018 | 3-4pm


Experience for yourself the benefit essential oils can have in supporting a deeper relaxation and focus in your life and meditation practice.

This is an accessible class designed to introduce you to the dōTERRA essential oils, how you can use them and the ethical nature in which this company is renowned for.

Offered with a led, guided meditation by Claudia Scalisi and delicious savasana assists by Rosanna Susanto, this is promising to be a deeply restorative and satisfying experience. Let yourself deep dive with your breath waves and take in some well deserved ‘me’ time.

Claudia will be sharing some of her own personal daily rituals that support her in living her intentions during the day and help her to sleep peacefully though out the night.

In learning how we can use the goodness of the earth to help us be better versions of ourselves, so to do we support communities around the world.


No previous meditation or oils experience required.

Exchange: FREE

Bring: Notepad & pen.

Kids Yoga

Tuesdays 16 October – 18 December 2018 | 3-3.45pm


Kids Yoga is a fun way of introducing playful exercises that will help children with movement, creativity and relaxation. This is a 9-week course, held every Tuesday 3pm-3.45pm, for children ages 4-10. Term 4 begins on 16 October 2018, and drop-ins are also welcome.

There will be storytelling amongst the fun and creativity, where children are encouraged to express themselves without judgment, in a non-competitive environment. They will learn about respecting their own bodies and each other, and make friendships through group activities. Yoga will help with sleep, posture, anxiety and even asthma.

Many tools and techniques will be offered for children to take away with them for life! With more and more demands place on children, it’s important they have a safe space to gather where they feel nurtured and supported. Through yoga and mindfulness, we will teach them how to manage difficult situations where they may feel overwhelmed. Treat this as ongoing development so your children can be resilient, confident and happy.

10 week term: $135
Drop-in: $17/class

6 Week Prenatal Yoga and Mindfulness Course

Wednesday 10 October | 10.30-11.45am


Are you pregnant or know someone that is? At what can be a confusing and overwhelming time, empower yourself and enjoy your journey into motherhood by joining our 6 Week Prenatal Yoga and Mindfulness Course.

Take the time to connect with yourself and your baby at this unique and beautiful stage of life. You will be guided through flowing yoga sequences, pranayama, meditation techniques and relaxation to help you keep fit and healthy, prepare for birth and stay positive throughout the changes you are experiencing. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other mums-to-be and hear from visiting speakers to educate you on all things positive and healthy in pregnancy.

Aasha Broad, resident Yoga Teacher at Bodyscape Yoga is your prenatal yoga teacher and along with her number of trainings in Vedanta and Yoga, she has 2 beautiful daughters of her own aged 3 and 1. She looks forward to sharing her experiences in pregnancy, birth and motherhood as she guides you through this course.

Open to all stages of pregnancy.

Limited to 10 students.

6 Week Course: $160

Please email for more information.

Arm Balance Workshop

Friday 24 August | 5.30-7.30PM


This 2 hour arm balance workshop will comprise of a vinyasa style class and then work on steps to getting some peak inversions. As a highly recognised and long-standing yoga teacher, Sacha Thompson (queen of inversions at Bodyscape Yoga) will lead the workshop. She combines her Ashtanga Yoga and Rocket Yoga training to create a practice that is strong and practical.

We will work to open the hips, build core strength and ensure the wrists, elbows and shoulders and correctly warmed up and strengthened so you’ll be ready to take flight!

The more experienced practitioner will be offered tools and techniques so you’ll find more ease in arm balances through creative and strategic transitions. Alternatives will be made available for practitioners who are complete beginners or enthusiastic to learn, as we will be building from the ground up.

We will work on:

  • Handstand
  • Crow
  • Forearm stand
  • Headstand

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $60 per ticket, pre-bookings required!

Kids Yoga

Tuesdays 17 July – 19 September 2018 | 4-4.45pm


Kids Yoga is a fun way of introducing playful exercises that will help children with movement, creativity and relaxation. This is a 10-week course, held every Tuesday 4pm-4.45pm, for children ages 4-10. Term 3 begins on 17 July 2018, and drop-ins are also welcome.

There will be storytelling amongst the fun and creativity, where children are encouraged to express themselves without judgment, in a non-competitive environment. They will learn about respecting their own bodies and each other, and make friendships through group activities. Yoga will help with sleep, posture, anxiety and even asthma.

Many tools and techniques will be offered for children to take away with them for life! With more and more demands place on children, it’s important they have a safe space to gather where they feel nurtured and supported. Through yoga and mindfulness, we will teach them how to manage difficult situations where they may feel overwhelmed. Treat this as ongoing development so your children can be resilient, confident and happy.

10 week term: $150
Drop-in: $17/class

Friday Night Yin/Yang with Rosanna

Friday 6 July 2018 | 5.30-6.30pm


An exclusive Friday night special hosted by lululemon at the Bodyscape Yoga studio. Rosanna, lululemon Ambassador will be taking you through a Yin/Yang flow to replenish you from the week gone by. A half yearly restart for your body, mind and soul.

As always, class is complimentary.

Very limited numbers. First come, first serve. Bookings only.

Winter: Seasonal Yin Yoga – Cultivating Stillness & Rest

Sunday 5 August 2018 | 2-4pm


In winter, nature is dormant — it seems to be at rest, and in this rest, replenishes itself. In the deep stillness during this season, winter calls upon us to turn our energies inwards so we can reconnect to our inner being, to rest & replenish our vital essence. Just like the seeds that lay dormant beneath the surface of the earth in winter preparing for their metamorphosis in spring, we too are called to examine the depths of ourselves so we can emerge reenergised as the weather eventually begins to warm.

Join Sylvia from Bodyscape Yoga for seasonal winter yin yoga followed by a guided meditation to lead you into the depths of stillness and restfulness. The studio will be heated to keep you warm & cosy. Feel free to wear fluffy warm socks and rug up for extra coziness!

As always, enjoy delicious raw treats from Raw by Chris and hot tea as part of the offering. The studio will be also alight with candles from S Aromatherapy (Sylvia’s very own brand)!

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $60 per ticket, pre-bookings required!

Studio Sound Baths

Sunday 24 June & 29 July 2018 | 2.30-4pm


Be held in a blissful and nurturing space where you are free to simply be. Join Cherry from Bodyscape Yoga for monthly Studio Sound Baths, a welcome surprise where you can choose to lie down comfortably for the entire session. Bring your favourite blanket or pillow and get be intuitively guided through sound and deep relaxation.

No experience is necessary for the sound baths.

About Cherry
Cherry is an Existential Counsellor with an interest in somatic healing. From her work, she strongly believes that sound can significantly contribute to the body’s natural inclination to maintain equilibrium, to compensate and heal. Having also completed a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing, Cherry uses the medium of sound to delicately weave a narrative through the use of Tibetan/Crystal bowls, koshi chimes, bells… and silence.

Her warm and loving nature is so powerfully felt and if you haven’t experienced a session with Cherry, trust us, you’ll really want to! You will be carefully held and nurtured by her, as she creates a space that leaves one’s body feeling “like butter left out in the midday sun.”

“If the individual is open to receiving Sound it has a delicious way of speaking to every cell in our body.” – Cherry Chapman

Limited to 10 students per sound bath. Investment of $50 per ticket, pre-bookings required!

Ashtanga/Mysore Workshop

Sunday 17 June 2018 | 2-4pm


By the end of June 2018, Bodyscape yoga will offer an Ashtanga Mysore Program 5x per week, this style of yoga is a traditional style that offers the same sequence each time but with each time it can be completely different.

In preparation for the program, resident Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Sacha Thompson is offering a workshop to go through the Ashtanga Mysore sequence with , for you to learn mula bandha, and also cover techniques for jump-backs and jump-throughs, with ample time for Q&A. In addition, we will break the vinyasas down to look in detail at chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog, postures that need to be practised correctly as they are repeated so often.The emphasis will be on creating a solid and firm foundation from which to enter, build from, and maintain, these postures.

You will learn the structure of the sequence and eventually practice the sequence ‘mysore style’ which becomes more of a self practice under the guidance of an experienced and qualified practitioner.  This is a holistic practice and nothing more is needed, it will build a strong, athletic and balanced body which in turn brings about a strong and balanced mind.

Following that, there will be a schedule of  75 minute classes:

  • *6am Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays (Sacha Thompson)
  • 6pm Wednesdays  (Linc Murray)
  • 9.15am Sundays (Sacha Thompson)

If you already are a mysore practicitioner you are welcome to arrive 5.30am and/or finish 7.30am.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $50 per ticket, pre-bookings required.

In Your Element | Sunset Trail Walk & Practice

Friday 25 May 2018 | 5.30-8.30pm


Take it outdoors (with us).

Prepare to embrace the elements as the lululemon Claremont team invite you to an evening trail walk in a beautiful location right on our door step. Layer-up in your favourite gear for a brisk dusk walk in the fresh air around the Lake Gwelup area.

The walk will begin 5.30pm sharp so please arrive 15 minutes prior. The evening will conclude with a magical practice led by lululemon Claremont store Ambassador, Rosanna, founder of Bodyscape Yoga.

This event is complimentary – as always – and refreshments will be on us. Booking essential.

Meeting Point: Outside the Scout Hall located off Huntriss Road
Location: Lake Gwelup Reserve, Stirling.
Parking: Off Huntriss Road.

Autumn Yin Yoga to Support Wellbeing: A Slow Down for Mother’s Day

Sunday 13 May 2018 | 2-4pm


Give mum (or yourself) the simple pleasures and what she wants most: love, and a little peace & quiet. Honour Ma, and Mother Nature, with this seasonal yin yoga and meditation practice led by Bodyscape Yoga’s teacher Sylvia.

As the seasons change and we transition into autumn, the weather cools and we observe, for example, that trees begin to loose their leaves. In this season, nature draws energy inwards: it strips away the old, unnecessary, toxic and stale. In Autumn, Mother Nature lets go of what no longer serves her. And it is a wonderful opportunity for us too, to turn our energy inwards and let go of what no longer serves us. Moving into autumn is our time to decide what we want to close and open to, so we can get in sync with Mother Nature to support our own wellbeing. Expect to be guided into postures that stimulate the lungs, which nourishes for the new, and the large intestine, which releases waste.

What do you want to let go of so that you can bring power and focus to living a meaningful and healthy life?

Perfectly timed for Mother’s Day, bring your mum, daughter, sister, friend or yourself for an afternoon to love yourself up! This event has SOLD OUT in the past, so don’t wait to register, book your ticket now.

We are also so excited to say that you won’t be leaving hungry. Raw by Chris (from Little Raw Deli) will be sharing delicious, raw, vegan treats with us afterwards. Yum!

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $60 per ticket, pre-bookings required.

The Wellness HIIT 2018

Sunday 7 April 2018 | 7-10am


Last year was incredible. Over 250 people registered for one of Perth’s biggest outdoor events! Back for a second year, this is a FREE event so come along for the good vibes with Yoga, HIIT, Pilates & Jungle Body.

The event schedule is:

7am – Yoga with Rosanna (@bodyscapeyoga)

8am – HIIT with Chris Wilson (@chriswilsonpt)

9am – Pilates with Jean (@mettacore)

10am – Jungle Body with Lauren and Pam (@thejunglebody_fix)

Event DJ: Kylie Pearsall (

We will be joined by our event partners: Acai Brothers, Fearless Activewear, Chobani and Splendour Box. Each participant will also walk away with a FREE Lululemon goodie bag with gifts from our sponsors HBF and other Perth brands and businesses!

Important details:

The event this year is at Clarko Reserve, Trigg. Please be aware that parking at this location is limited. Therefore, please park appropriately and abide by any parking regulation signage or infringements may apply. Best parking options are Trigg carpark, carpooling recommended. No parking in the Market Place Cafe carpark next to the Reserve. There are also public toilets available on location.

What to bring:

Please find a yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

The MOVEMENT – International Women’s Day

Thursday 8 March 2018 | 5-7.30pm


Welcome to The Movement. This is about women coming together to celebrate and empower one another, using our voice to make a difference.

All profits from this event are being donated to ToyBox International, an incredible not-for-profit organisation that works to support sick and disadvantaged children.

We have some boss babes bringing the goods:
∙ Get the blood flowing with quick bodyweight HIIT sesh with Nina Bobo.
∙ Stretch it out with a juicy flow led by Rosanna Susanto from Bodyscape Yoga,
∙ Recharge and get the fire burning with a SECRET GUEST SPEAKER.

There will be nibbles, drinks, and GIRL POWER abound.

You need: a water bottle, yoga mat, a pen + a notebook, something warm in case it cools off, and cash for raffle tickets (we have some AWESOME prizes up for grabs!)

Please bring all the special women in your life – let’s create something amazing together!

Yoga Foundations 4- Week Course

Sunday 11 February – 4 March 2018 | 4-5.15pm


The aim of this beginners, Yoga Foundation course is to provide an intimidation free space that is not only accessible by anyone but useful in providing a much need stretch and perhaps moments of inner silence & an experience with peace. We do not expect you to have any particular level of fitness and you do not need to be able to touch your toes! We will start at the beginning to understand what this yoga thing is all about. It is also the perfect opportunity for current yoga students to get back to foundations.

It works like this:

Attend the Sunday session consecutively for 4 weeks. These classes will run like practical mini workshops. We want this to work for you, so as a BONUS, you are invited to attend 1 extra class from the timetable every week!!! This will help integrate what you have learnt in the course and inspire you to develop your yoga practice.

Course Highlights:

Entering a yoga space and a review on yoga ‘etiquette’
– Intro to pranayama (breath work), meditation and chanting
– You will learn the powerful sequences and methadology of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and why 108 is the sacred number
– Emphasis on chaturanga-vinyasa and different styles of yoga
– Intro to yama and niyama, the limbs of yoga
– Learn how to use props like blocks, straps and bolsters to assist in your practice
– Understand how energy flows, and how to be still and relax
– We will encourage you to apply what you learn in class into your daily life
– An emphasis on being self-accepting, non-judgmental and non-competitive

Limited to 10 students. Investment of $150 per ticket, pre-bookings required.

Soul Goals

Sunday 21 January 2018 | 2-4pm


To identify and fulfil what we truly want in life, we must get still, drop deep and listen to the quiet whisperings of our soul. These are your soul goals — the deepest desires of your true self. The start of the new year is a great opportunity to form clarity around what you want to achieve throughout the year. By setting intentions rather than resolutions, we become clear on what we want and deserve in life, and we can form daily rituals to support us on this path. To drop deep, we must take a moment of stillness to come into a state of restfulness and slowness so we can calm and clear our minds. In Soul Goals, you will be guided into stillness with a Yin Yoga practice by Sylvia* from Bodyscape Yoga leading into a meditation around setting intentions.

We will finish the afternoon with Tea by Tea Story (and an optional soul sharing session) with deliciously nourishing raw vegan treats by Raw by Chris.

*Hi, it’s Sylvia here! I’m honoured to be part of the Bodyscape Yoga team. I am a former academic and teacher at university who decided to renounce the uni text books and swap them for a yoga mat in search for greater balance my life after struggles with anxiety and stress. I am trained in holistic hatha yoga and have a passion for yin yoga as forms of healing. My style of teaching focuses on bringing balance and harmony to our minds and bodies through both holistic and slow asana and pranayama infused with yoga philosophy and emotional wellbeing. Get in touch with your intuition, emotions and wellbeing through this practice.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $60 per ticket, pre-bookings required.


Community Boxing x Yoga Event

Saturday 16 December 2017 | 8-10am


Saturday sorted.

Join the team at Anytime Fitness Nedlands and Rosanna from Bodyscape Yoga Saturday morning for some moving and flowing!

Special Fundraiser Screening of PGS

Monday 4 December 2017 | 6.30-8.30pm


Bodyscape Yoga present this special fundraiser screening of PGS Intuition is your Personal Guidance System) at Event Cinemas, Innaloo WA. We need to sell 75 tickets to make this fundraiser happen.

$5 from every ticket sold will be going towards one of our wholehearted client, Serena Wells’ 2018 English Channel Swim where she is supporting three charities – My Cause Gift Fund for Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees (CARAD), Lifeline WA, Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. For more information or to donate further, head to her donation page here.

There will also be a collection box on the night if you would like to donate further to these worthy causes.


Shot all around the world over a three year period, the film documents Bill Bennett’s journey to find the source of a voice which saved his life while he was driving many years earlier. The film features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality. Bill’s search for the source of that voice would not only take him to the furthermost corners of the planet, but also to the innermost depths of his soul.

Rest & Rejuvenate

Saturday 18 November 2017 | 2-4pm


Join our newest recruit, Z for a deeply soothing practice to allow the body to unravel and to experience a new sense of peace in our mind, body and soul.

Z will take you on a journey that provokes you to be mindful of your thoughts, while letting the body relax into postures with ease and grace. You will be nourished, held at the highest esteem and rejuvenated by the end of the practice.

Zsuzsa’s signature style of delivering energetic adjustment, subtle cues, prose for the heart and essential oils for vibrational alignment will have you feeling more alive and divine than ever before.

About Zsuzsa
Zsuzsa Octaviano, so ‘Z’ as she prefers, is a rebel that uses her kindness, vulnerability and boldness as her superpowers. On a mission to help others live out their highest truth while honouring the planet she has explored the power of healing through immersive international trainings in yoga and meditation, began formal studies in Chinese Medicine and Health Science, and an expanding career in yoga teaching and meditation leadership in both Melbourne and Perth. Passionate about health and wellness, Zsuzsa is a doTERRA leader and has unlocked a myriad of opportunities to respond to her own healing and to those around her. Zsuzsa’s expanding brand of conscious self care of the body, mind and spirit is based on personal revelations of growth and deep reverence to how looking after yourself is the first step in looking after the world.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $65 per ticket, pre-bookings required.

lululemon Complimentary Classes

Every Sunday in October | 10-10.50am


Sacha is Bodyscape Yoga’s longest-standing teacher and it’s no wonder why. Students keep coming back to her classes as she delivers with so much integrity and creativity in her sequencing. As always, expect a real good flow.

This is a complimentary class. Arrive at least 10 minutes early, light refreshments provided.

You can also find Sacha at Bodyscape Yoga on:
Mondays for Vinyasa at 6am
Tuesdays for Vinyasa at 6pm
Tuesdays for Yin at 7.15pm

Dance Yourself Happy

11 October 2017 | 5-9pm


For Mental Health Week, we are teaming up with the best twerkers in town and Rita founder of Elan Dance Est I’ll be joining in on the fun. Meaning yoga, and twerk. You can grab your DAY PASS available for $55 and grab them now or door sales will be $65. Come and find Rosanna on Wednesday 11 October at 5pm at the King St Art Centre in the CBD.

Monday Package will include
– Pilates with @core_confidence_
– Twerk with @frolova_olga_v
– Hip Hop with Diane
– Reggaeton with @silvanita_22_
Wednesday Package will include
– Yoga with @bodyscapeyoga
– Dancehall with @sayritanita & @kiara.tee
– Heels On with @rhiannondegaye
– Hip Hop with Victor
Friday 13th we’re getting dressed up in the hills and bringing you Zumba meets Afrojam with @ambereyn & @sayritanita
Saturday Package gets you the MOTHERFUNKER herself from @yourhiphopclass.
– 9am: Afrojam with @tianalc
– 10am: Afrohouse with Victor
– 11am: Hip Grooves & Moves with @tianalc
– 12pm: Dancehall with @tianalc & @sayritanita
Sunday the team is heading to @lululemonausnz Perth City Store and waking up the town with a morning of booty bounce and base. 9-10.30am.

Handstands Workshop: Part I & II

Sunday 8 & 29 October | 2-4pm


Taught by Jing Wong: handstand expert, artistic gymnast, former house troupe artist for Franco Dragone’s “The House of Dancing Water”, internationally sponsored rock climber, chinese martial artist, former OT, Jing has a wealth of knowledge of movement coupled with anatomy!

Part I: Foundational Secrets to Handstands (8 October)

To suit new and advanced “handstanders”. Focusing on fundamental necessities to prepare for a long lasting handstand! Strength, flexibility and technical foundations will be put to practice to bring about mind and body awareness for this skilful art form.

Part II: The Resurrection (29 October)

A continuation from Part I whereby additional skill sets will be brought to focus. Suitable for those who have participated in level 1 or have previous handstand experience.

Limited to 10 students. Investment of $75 per ticket or $130 for both workshops, pre-bookings required.

Yoga For Trauma Workshop

Sunday 27 August | 2-4pm


A workshop designed to work with those affected by trauma, post-traumatic self disorder and mental health sufferers. You will learn the roots behind trauma and how to cultivate mindful embodiment to address the trauma.

You will be working with specific Essential Oils to calm the body and the mind and techniques to bring awareness to movement and emotion, using yoga as a therapeutic practice.


Guided by Jen Stuart, Jen first discovered yoga as a means to heal herself after a car crash. She was initially drawn to the physical aspects to regain mobility. As Jen continued to explore different styles and teachings, yoga grew into much more than a healing physical practice.

Coming from a background of experience and studies in PTSD, Jen now specialises in yoga-informed trauma. Being able to share a practice with others who have come from a traumatised background allows new levels of growth and supported healing and recovery.

Jen creates a caring environment for people to go within and having the practice as a personal enquiry of ones self. She works through mindful movements and thinking to quieten the mind and find peace both physically, mentally and spiritually while on the mat and after in your everyday life.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $50 per ticket, pre-bookings required.

Check out our newest blog post on what to expect and discover 3 Powerful Tools to Deal With Trauma

Yoga Nidra & Live Guitar Meditation

Friday 18 August | 7-8.30pm


From the USA, Paul & Leah are in town to give you a sweet treat. Yoga Nidra – think of it as deep yoga sleep with conscious relaxation.

Part live music and part chakra balancing meditation in a candlelit room, Leah and Paul will guide you through some breath exercises designed to prime your body for deep relaxation.

You are guided through specific energy centre techniques, to balance the Chakra system and release tension from the body.

In between each relaxation period, Paul Teodo plays instrumental pieces on acoustic guitar. These pieces have been inspired by his own journey into yoga and meditation.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $30 per ticket, pre-bookings required.


MOKOSH – Candlelight Yin + Essential Oils

Friday 28 July | 7-8.30pm


Join Karina Paxinos for an evening guided by the essence of Mokosh, the deity of Mother Nature.

Experience a 60 minute restorative yin yoga class by candlelight and 15 minute guided meditation set to the divine sounds of Mother Nature.

Allow the soothing scents of essential oils guide you on a journey of the fundamental energies of this deity : Grounding, Calming and Uplifting.

This is a night to reset and revitalise your senses as we settle into the silence and solace of winter.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $35 per ticket, pre-bookings required.


Yoga Fundraiser – Stand up for Syria

Sunday 18 June | 9.30-11am


Let’s stand up for Syria in this EPIC yoga and beats event, to raise funds and awareness for the refugee crisis in Greece.

Syrian refugees are stranded across the country living with poor conditions and very minimum resources. Many children and families are not only are stranded with nowhere to go but they also lack the basic things such as water and hygiene.

An extraordinarily generous and selfless friend of mine, Gabi Nind is heading heading over there in September and volunteering for this cause. Although needs are always changing, you can find out more information here about what my role will involve. If you won’t be attending the event, please feel free to donate through the same GoGetFunding link:

Help us reach our target of $4000 to be donated for Involvement Volunteers International (IVI), where all proceeds will be donated to the cause.

Rosanna Susanto, owner of Bodyscape Yoga, will be leading a yoga practice with groove, beats and movement to foster a sense of togetherness of self and others.

Strike a pose in your yoga get up and bring some extra cash for raffles for a supportive morning for everyone.

A few of our sponsors:

Bodyscape Yoga 10x Class Passes
Lululemon Ahletica Personal Shop Vouchers
Featherstone Pilates 5x Class Passes
State of Mind Candles
Stand in Room Coffee Vouchers

Tickets are $25.
Refreshments provided.
BYO yoga mats.
Bring cash for the raffle (1 ticket for $5, 3 tickets for $10).

Thank you in advance for taking part in this event!

5 x 5 Yoga Challenge

Monday 5 June to Sunday 9 July


As the weather gets frosty and we prefer to hibernate and snuggle up in bed at home, we’re offering you an incentive.


– Complete the challenge of practicing 5 classes per week for 5 weeks and you’ll go in the draw to win a month of unlimited yoga (value $200).

– Attend all 25 classes in 5 weeks (you can even double up in one day if you need to) and receive $25 off your next pass.

– Buy your special 5 x 5 Challenge Pass by 28 May, and be in the draw to win a 1 day juice cleanse delivered right to your door (value $65). Earn more entries to the draw by following our juice giveaway post on Instagram and Facebook (to be revealed).
Challenge starts Monday 5th June 2017 and finishes 9th July 2017.

Investment = $300 (or concession price is $250)

If you are on an unlimited pass, you may use your existing pass and take part in the challenge, however please still register for the challenge by emailing before 5 June 2017.
If you have an existing pass we will put it on hold for the duration of the challenge.

MEDITATION – Rel{ease}

Thursday 1 June | 7.30-8.30pm


Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed” Mary Oliver.

Come join us for The Wise Tribe Movement’s monthly sit at our studio. Together, we will practice simple meditation techniques to help us undo the mounting tension and restlessness we naturally accumulate through modern day living.

In this one hour session, Lara Dwyer will lead us through meditation and mindfulness techniques to create softness, understanding, and ease in our lives.

No prior meditation experience is necessary.

$15 book online
$20 at the door

SUP Yoga: Elemental SUP Flow

Sunday 28 May 2017 | 10-11.30am


Learning to ride the waves of your life journey can be the key ingredient to literally ‘going with the flow’ – trusting in your footing, your innate ability to balance yourself & remain present to the magic of your life journey

Join Rosanna Susanto for an earth-based yoga to warm you up into the water-based yoga with Claudia Scalisi from Precious Breath Yoga on the SUPs (stand-up paddle boards).

11 spots available so book in early to reserve your place.

Beginnners welcome – so even those who have never practiced yoga or stepped foot on a stand up paddle board.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time to register and ensure we get onto the water in time.

Meet at Matilda Bay (3 Hackett Drive), just in front of the Matilda Bay restaurant and right next to the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

Goodie bags featuring State of Mind candles, Refresh Juice & Cleanse and natural skincare from #PerthLOCAL brands.

A Workshop on Arm Balances

Sunday 21 May | 2-4pm


Join Rosanna Susanto and Sacha Lee Flanagan for a Workshop on Arm Balances. Our first workshop held in April was received with such great interest that there have requests to hold another.

Crow/Side Crow
Seated Compass
Eight Angle
Flying Pigeon
Shoulder Stand

Limited to 15 students who have an existing and regular yoga practice. Investment of $50 per ticket.

Mother’s Day: Blend + Balance

Friday 5 May | 7-8.30pm


Spend your Friday evening (just a week earlier before Mother’s day) with some relaxation and pampering. Connect with a loved one, be it your mum, best friend or partner, and treat yourselves. The class will begin with a short opening meditation to ground us with a deep appreciation to all the gurus in our life, especially for all mothers.

Kirsty Shorten, founder of Second Nature Botanicals will be holding a hands on workshop carefully tailored for this event. You will customise and take home your very own Essential Oil Roller Blend. Find out how to harness the therapeutic benefit of Essential Oils that can support you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Essential Oils can play a huge role in relieving the discomforts in your body but also to create a sense of calm. For the ladies/mums, learn what blends will help you with balancing hormones, uplifting the spirit and even how they can support menopause and anxiety.

Following on, Rosanna Susanto, founder of Bodyscape Yoga will move you through a simple, yet divine yoga flow ending with a deep relaxation in restorative yoga with a healing massage in your savasana.

No yoga experience required and you don’t need to be a mum to join! Enjoy chai on us and something delicious to end the workshop. Limited to 16 people.

Investment: $55 for one person or $90 if you book for two.

MEDITATION – Rel{ease}

Thursday 27 April | 7.30-8.30pm


“If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things” – Ryokan.

The commitment and business of modern day living can gear us towards always seeking stimulation and feeling uneasy when we are not in a place of “doing”.

In this one hour session, Lara Dwyer will lead us through meditation and mindfulness techniques to create softness, understanding and ease around our own personal struggle with restlessness.

Rel{ease} is all about moving through restlessness to find a state of ease in your life. $15 if you book now or $20 at the door.

A Workshop on Arm Balances

Sunday 2 April | 2-4pm


Join Rosanna Susanto and Sacha Lee Flanagan for a Workshop on Arm Balances.
Included in the workshop, a breakdown of the following:
+ An Inversion Flow to wind up the teachings of the day.

Limited to 15 students who have an existing and regular yoga practice. Investment of $50 per ticket.

MEDITATION – Autumn Grounding

Thursday 30 March | 7.30-8.30pm


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop

After the exuberance of Summer, we welcome the passing Autumn Equinox, a chance to cultivate a more introspective state of being.

We will give ourselves the time and space to nurture ourselves to a clearer, more grounded state of being. We will show you techniques to ‘reset’ and find more steadiness in your day-to-day life.

Grounding meditations allow us to centre ourselves and connect more deeply within. When we are grounded we feel safer, happier and more content. When we become less grounded, we can feel anxious or disconnected.

As always, no meditation experience is necessary for this session, so come along and experience the ease and simplicity of Wise Tribe’s teachings.

Tickets $15 online or $20 at the door.

Be Active

Friday 17  & 24 March | 12-1pm


The place to be active. For the month of March, Claremont Quarter and Lululemon team up to offer an array of classes for you to get fit and find your happy place. Rosanna will take 2x yoga classes.

Classes are complimentary, bookings required via link below.

Meet outside RM Williams.

Get find your happy place. Because we have a little surprise for you if that’s not enough.

Happy Body Healthy Mind

Sunday 19 March | 8-11am


We all know and value the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, nutritious diet, friendship & community for its positive effects on our mental health!

Aspire Group have teamed up with the legends of the health & fitness community to help raise awareness for the Beyond Blue Foundation. Join us for a morning of FUN, fitness, collaboration, FOOD and tunes at Aspire Group, City Beach!
8-8.45am HIIT (Aspire/One FHL)
8.50-9.20am Stretch Roll & Release (Bodyscape Yoga)
9.20-10am Yoga (Yogalab)
10-10.15 Mindfulness (Stephanie Johnson)
10.20-11am Recovery Snacks (Acai Brother/Pressed Daily/Nuut Nutrition) with acoustics from Tyson Keene.

This is a FREE event, so please SECURE YOUR SPOT for the day via the booking link below.

All proceeds go to The Beyond Blue Foundation so we encourage you to donate what you can afford to this link.

Yoga Sundowner

Friday 17 March | 5.45-6.45pm


A deep sundowner flow out at the Claremont Jetty for St Patrick’s Day, with yang and a little bit of yin. Refreshments provided. $15 per ticket.

Please book your tickets via the link above on Mindbody or transfer payment via direct debit to:

Account name: Bodyscape Yoga
BSB: 036 022
Account no: 239930

If via bank transfer, email with your bank transaction receipt to reserve your place.

A loving alternative to your St Patrick’s Day.

Moore River Retreat

Friday 7 April – Sunday 9 April


Embrace the countryside of Moore River in just over two days with a weekend of yoga, fresh soul food and sustainable living. We’ve made travel easier for you in this Scandinavian-style destination just an hour North from Perth. Learn about how to maintain a sustainable yoga practice with sustainable living.

You’ll have generous time to relax and restore. We arrive and unpack late Friday afternoon, cosying in a restful Yoga Nidra. Saturday morning begins with Vipassana (a practice of Noble Silence), 2x daily meditation, a scenic nature walk or run before Lucy’s signature Lotus Flow and 2x daily yoga practices taken by Rosanna.

To unplug from the daily disturbances of life, you also have the opportunity to kayak/SUP along Moore River. This will set you in the mood for a creative, sustainable living workshop by Second Nature Botanicals. All meals and activities are inclusive of cost. Please join us.

Investment: $500 or only $450 if paid before 12 March 2017.

Event is fully booked.

MEDITATION – Replenish, Refresh + Restore

Thursday 23 February | 7.30-8.30pm


Come sit with us for Wise Tribe Movement’s monthly gathering at our studio. Summer, with its abundance of heat, longer days and increased social activity can leave us feeling a little drained and lethargic.

Together we will explore meditation techniques to keep us cool (mentally and physically) to replenish, refresh and restore ourselves.

Graciously hosted at Bodyscape Yoga by Lara Dwyer from The Wise Tribe Movement. $15 per person via Paypal or $20 at the door.

Bare All and Meet us Naked On the Mat

Friday 17 February | 6-7pm


Discover your vulnerability and connect with your divine feminine self.

At our studio, limited spots, strictly via RSVP only.

This is a FREE Lululemon Claremont community event held by Rosie Rees at Bodyscape Yoga.

FULLY BOOKED. Add your name to the waiting list!

BYO towel/sarong

Ashtanga Workshop

Sunday 5 February | 9.15am-11.15am


Come to understand the structure of Ashtanga yoga and memorise it with ease.

A rewarding & insightful traditional practice, learn about

  • ujayi pranayama (breathing)
  • dristhi (internal & external focus)
  • bandha (locks)

Under the guidance of Sacha, she is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga with over 20 years experience and offers the finest instruction.

We are holding this workshop with the intention of running regular Guided Ashtanga classes throughout the week. If you are interested to make yoga a part of your daily practice, this workshop will help you develop a regular Ashtanga practice.

Limited to 15 students. Investment of $50 per ticket.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Thursday 15 Dcember | 7.30-8.30pm


The festive season should be something we look forward to but there can be high expectations in meeting the needs of family and tying up work matters for the end of the year.

Come sit with us and together we can cultivate a peaceful and happy mind to help find more joy and contentment at this busy time of year.

Breath Based Meditation – We move away from stressed, shallow breathing to a place where you can relax and truly ‘be’ in your body.

Mindfulness – Help in identifying potential triggers associated with this season; and mindfulness practices to ease their impact.

Gratitude Practice – A grateful reflection on all that has transpired (both good and bad) and for all that is to come.

Relaxation Meditation – We will spend some time on self love and self care which is something we so often ignore.

Graciously hosted at Bodyscape Yoga by Lara from The Wise Tribe Movement. $15 per person via Paypal or $20 at the door.

Release with Perth Run Collective

Thursday 8 Dcember | 5.45-6.45pm


Sweating together from lululemon Claremont at 5.45pm Thursdays, #perthruncollective is an active community building inspiration one run at a time. It’s been proven!

You’ve been thinking running is a solo sport, right? Wrong. The complimentary #perthruncollective welcomes participants of all levels offering a variety of distance and pace groups plus more.

Whether you’re chasing a goal or running for fun, get to know some of the best urban trails and swap training and wellbeing tips with like-minded friends and fitness experts.

So it’s time. Yoga + Run, our favourite combo. Perth Run Collective will be teaming up with Rosanna from Bodyscape Yoga for your evening workout.

Meet at Claremont Quarter. We’ll be heading to the rose gardens in Nedlands before our release, and back again.