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Why I’m Doing A 3-Day Juice Cleanse

refresh 3 day juice cleanse

Often I joke to myself and wonder what my students would think of me with the things I choose to eat. Because I really love cake and on (more than one) occasion I have all that unhealthy stuff like donuts, pizza and chips and I really enjoy it. I know that it’s not good for […]

1 May

Day 1: What’s Important In a Juice Cleanse

perth cold pressed juice

There are two factors I found out, that influences whether you will get through a juice cleanse, or not – taste and power. And I’m so lucky to have come across Refresh Juice and Cleanse because it ticks these two boxes. I wanted to know what I was getting in my body and Liam, the […]

3 May

Day 2: A Growling Stomach

growling stomach

It got hard. It wasn’t the hunger, but the longing to chew on solid food and the churning that was happening in my belly. The worse bit, I didn’t have to tell everyone about it. They could just hear it. My day at the studio started at 6am and I was feeling great. Committed, energised […]

6 May

Day 3: My Favourite Juice Isn’t Really A Juice

cold pressed juice

I want to talk about 2 special juices today. Both very different in their own way and for sure I’ve got a preference. Read on and I’ll tell you. Whenever I go out for a meal with my mum, her all-time question she asks the watier is, “What’s the most popular dish from the menu?” […]

8 May