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3 Powerful Tools to Deal with Trauma

yoga for trauma perth

I’m Jen and I’m a survivor of trauma. I’m holding a 2 hour yoga for trauma workshop to share with you the tools I’ve learned that can work for you whether you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, abuse, physical or emotional trauma. You are invited to stay internalised throughout or to practice with a cheshire cat […]

5 August

How I Prevented Yoga Teacher Burnout

perth yoga burnout

I used to teach 25 yoga classes per week in Perth. This is considered a lot in the yoga teaching world. It’s not like you can equate that to 25 hours of a working week. On top of that, there’s the preparation, the driving (sometimes the impossible parking situations), the hours in between classes, the […]

23 April

Learn To Be With The Flow Of Life (And Yoga)

A little over 4 years ago, I quit my full-time office job to do my yoga teacher training. It was the best decision I’ve made. To this day, I still get asked whether I would ever go back to being a lawyer. I laugh it off and my answer is always “No! Never!” It’s funny […]

1 May