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The Ethical Skincare Product We All Need
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The Ethical Skincare Product We All Need

We were so fortunate to have fellow teacher Lucy Barendse, co-host but also take full responsibility of chef duties during our Moore River Retreat this month. We can all agree that she cooked the most beautiful, nourishing soul food that we could ask for (mind you, no asking required. Lucy effortlessly made her creations seem ever so blissful)!

On top of her creative talents as a school teacher, yoga teacher for Bodyscape Yoga, qualified nutritionist and passionate cook, we followed up with Lucy Barendse after our Moore River Retreat. We can all agree she cooked such fresh, nourishing food and she made her creations seem ever so effortless. Although we’re still chasing her up on her ‘secret’ recipes, Lucy has welcomed us in on her not-so-secret skin regime and her beloved affair with Mokosh, her favourite ethical skincare brand right made right here in Perth.

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1. You rave about Mokosh! How did you first come to hear of them?

On retreat myself! Maybe four or so years ago. Jayne (from Mokosh) came down to Margaret River with us and we were treated to a little self-pamper session using their products. It was very special to learn about the brand and Mokosh philosophy from Jayne herself. I’ve been a true lover ever since.

2.  Which Mokosh products do you use as part of your skincare regime and why?

I use the face cleansing powder twice daily, morning and night. It smells and feels so natural and nurturing. The cleansing powder gives the skin a very thorough but gentle clean and exfoliation. I might use the light face cream for the day, and the rich face cream before bedtime.

I also love the serums for added hydration- if it’s been particularly windy, cold, or dry I will boost up as my skin gets easily dehydrated. I adore the nourishing texture of the frankincense and orange body cream, and the sesame and frankincense body oil, after the shower or bath. They feel so luxurious and I know they are filled with so much natural goodness and love.

I have both the organic sandalwood and patchouli soap bars in the kitchen and bathroom at home- they both smell absolutely divine. I’ve been buying and using Mokosh products for years now, so it is a brand I really trust. I am a big believer in buying small and local- whether it’s face cream, wine, vegetables or ceramics..

It’s knowing who and where it comes from. I love not only the results of Mokosh, but the way they make you feel.

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The Mokosh Giftpack: Featured in our take-home goodie bags from our Moore River Retreat

3.  What are your top 3 tips for maintaining healthy skin?

Oh gosh, so many! I can’t decide which are most important so I cheated.. here are six..

a) Drinking as much water as possible every day. I try to aim for 2-3L.

b) Good quality sleep. It really restores and revitalises the skin. Also, don’t forget to change the pillowcase. I do love linen or silk..

c) A diet rich in dark leafy greens, cooling greens, healthy Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon, walnuts, chia seeds. Omega 3 has so many other incredible health benefits.
I enjoy accompanying a thoughtful diet with some supplementation – I take capsules containing a blend of squalene oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin A and vitamin E. It’s called EFA’s Max Complex by In Skin Cosmedics Skintrition. I also take Life Space probiotic capsules every day.

d) A consistent skincare routine, including removal of makeup every night! Skin needs to breathe. I love the feeling of bare, clean skin.

e) Getting sweaty in the fresh air. Equally so- the more calm and relaxed I feel, the more my skin glows. If I’m stressed, my skin is much more likely to flare up or break out.

f) Staying out of the sun and getting proper coverage (shade, a hat, suncream). I try my best. Leathery sunbaked skin is not my favourite look and it seems to be the one resounding piece of advice I receive from many women. Thank you to my mother in particular for encouraging this. In Western Australia we are so exposed to harsh sun and UV rays, it’s a major cause of premature ageing and skin damage.

4.  You nourished us so well at our recent Moore River retreat. How far does nutrition + skincare go hand-in-hand?

Thank you so much! Cooking for retreat filled my soul with happiness, I love to make delicious meals (that I love to eat myself!) and watch people enjoying them.

There is a great deal of study that highlights the link between what we eat or drink, and the effect it has on our outer and largest organ. The gut-skin connection is absolute- I think it’s amazing we are becoming more interested in looking after ourselves from this standpoint. There are a few interesting journals and books written on the association between gut disorders and skin conditions. It certainly runs deep and I love keeping up to date with reading on these areas of research.

With my background in and love for nutrition I can never stop learning!

I feel we often get a little too focused on fancy green powders, the latest skin-food concoctions and super-foods… when the reality of it is so simple! Eat your greens, limit your sugar intake, drink water, limit caffeine, focus on whole, real, simple foods that have been around and eaten for centuries. It does help. I think following those principles and obviously altering things to suit yourself work best.

Love your skin and love what goes in.

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Lucy’s creation: One of our favourite kale salads from our recent Moore River Retreat

5.  As we head into winter do you have any health tips for us?

Keep the fire stoked by practicing, dancing, long brisk walks and running around outside.. whatever it is that lights you up. Get lots of rest and look after yourself well. Eat warm, nourishing foods with plenty of ginger and garlic. I love those. I’ll be brewing lots of tea and snuggling for ultimate good vibes.

6.  And last one, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Know who you are, and know it’s enough.

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Check out where you can get your hands on Mokosh right here through their stockist page. If you’re practicing yoga in our Nedlands studio, then the closest to you might be Nature’s Harvest in Cottesloe or our favourite organic cafe and bulk food shopping destination, The Clean Food Store in Subiaco.

Photography by Stephanie Ti