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The Revolution of Lunchtime Yoga in Perth
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The Revolution of Lunchtime Yoga in Perth

Yoga classes in Perth are the perfect solution to rest and rejuvenate during a busy day, our 45-minute yoga classes express, Look no further.
Being conveniently tucked away from the CBD, expect a quiet place to just step away from your desk or away from the chores at home to our cozy Perth yoga studio.

Lunchtime Yoga Classes in Perth

Americans have embraced yoga in all aspects. There’s a yoga studio on every corner and they practice yoga before work, during their lunch breaks, after work, and even just before they go to sleep. It’s great that so many people are now taking that extra step to make sure they get their practice in every week but we haven’t really embraced the lunchtime yoga in Perth just yet.

Lunchtime Yoga Classes in PerthSet your priorities right and come on down for a lunchtime class. They are often quieter, compared to the packed out evening and weekend classes. Stop and take a moment away from the outside world and reclaim your sanity. Remember, a person who is relaxed is usually happier. Fascinating research exists, and there is value in understanding the effect of happiness and healthiness on our lives. Being happy and at peace with oneself, makes the person far healthier.

Not many Yoga Perth studios offer lunchtime classes and while we’ve had these midday classes running for a while now, we can see the trend that it’s the office worker (if they’re lucky enough to get a lunch break), the unconventional shift worker like the nurses and doctors at Sir Charles Gairdner and the UWA student who look for some yoga.

Yoga Classes in Perth

It’s worth testing out as you get to come in and out of the studio in less than an hour, ready to get you going for what’s to come. A whole lot of yoga classe in Perth is practiced between 75-90 minutes and with everyone’s schedules getting busier than ever, it’s really hard to fit in travel time, the getting early and setting up, the yoga itself, the packing up to the driving to wherever you need to be next.

All our yoga Perth classes are 45-60 minutes with the exception of Ashtanga Yoga which is 75 minutes (because there’s just so much to get through). Once you mastered your ability to filter out the distraction of your surroundings, you will find that certain undertakings become much easier than they previously were.

Take a break, just for you. And in the business of Perth, yoga classes are here for you to keep your cool and calm. With the perfect type of relaxation and old practice of meditation, one can easily go back to your busy schedule feeling like a new person once again. So if you want to learn and take advantage of your limited time there is no better way than to come and visit Bodyscape Yoga Perth.