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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get in on your Workplace Wellness Classes
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get in on your Workplace Wellness Classes

It’s official.

Sitting is the new smoking. And there’s enough research to show that our chair loving culture is at just as much risk to chronic diseases, as those suffering with obesity and tobacco users. There’s really only one solution to this global pandemic: we need to get moving, STAT!

Since our current working system of a 9-5 grind won’t be changing anytime soon (unless you take the path of becoming a yoga or Pilates instructor) it would be worth your time and more importantly, your health, to establish a daily movement routine.

Does your workplace in Perth offer a wellness program, including complimentary fitness classes, run club or a gym?
Are you making use of this?

If not, then keep reading, as we’ve listed our top 5 reasons below why you should get your exercise in whilst at work.

1. It’s super convenient

What’s the number one excuse we use to avoid exercising? “I don’t have time”. Well, it’s time to change. Think about it like this: you are either just about to start work, on your lunch break or have clocked off for the day. All you need to do now is hop into that elevator, get changed and you’re ready to go. Most workplaces provide all equipment needed – including mats, props (and if they don’t we can provide you with them), a hydration station and have onsite facilities where you can shower and freshen up afterward. The time (and money) you save is profound, if we’re comparing this to a gym or studio membership. You don’t even have to go hunting for a parking spot. You’re already there!

2. You get to connect

….with colleagues on a different level. Attending classes in your Perth office allows you to enjoy activities with your team that are non-work related. This opens up a whole new world of communication, connection, camaraderie and encouragement. An experience you certainly won’t get by training alone at the gym.

3. You get to disconnect

….from everything. Away from the desk, the stress, your phone, emails and all your other responsibilities. Even if it’s just 45 minutes (and we can tailor sessions to suit your times). It is truly a privilege that you have the opportunity to experience different types of fitness classes.. at zero cost. From yoga to Pilates to HIIT to boxing, there is something for everyone. Which leads us to our next point below.

4. ALL levels are welcome

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been physically active for a while, if you have zero flexibility or if you’re an olympic triathlete, there will always be something available for you to enjoy and be challenged by. The beautiful thing about movement is that there are hundreds of exercises, all of which come with their very own variations and modifications. Sore wrists? Come down onto your forearms or double fold your mat. Poor mobility? Start with a smaller range of movement til your body will allow for greater range. Feeling tired? Take it slow, breathe deeply or pause and join in again when you’re ready. Want more of a challenge? Tell your instructor before class and they are bound to call out some advanced options for you!

5. Your whole life will be enhanced

This sounds like a big call, but trust us on this one. It’s what we know as the domino effect.

You attend regular classes.

Your health and fitness levels increase.

Your mood levels starts to improve.

A growth in productivity.

Your work starts to reflect this.

Your life starts to reflect this!

Consistent physical activity doesn’t just set you up for the beach season, it will set you up for a longer, happier and better quality of life.


6. These classes are designed for you.

I think I speak for most instructors here in Perth, that when it comes to teaching corporate classes, we always enjoy designing a program that will truly benefit employees. Sure, you could just go to any yoga class but wouldn’t it be even better if you were guided through a 45 minute session that moved your body in ways that are designed to undo the muscle weakening, joint stiffening and shoulder hunching effects of spending too much time at the desk? A class that will have you walking out feeling stronger, taller, energised, powerful and grateful, knowing that you’ve just done exactly what your body needs the most, more movement.

Speak to us now to talk about how to incorporate corporate wellness into your workplace in Perth.

Image credit: Stephanie Ti