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What I Learned from 11 Naked Women (including myself)
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What I Learned from 11 Naked Women (including myself)

There’s an interesting stigma that comes with getting nude. It’s sexual. It’s free-spirited. It’s risqué.

Did I mention I was recently introduced to Marie Lloyd’s famous quote?

“A little of what you fancy does you good!”

How apt.

Last Sunday 11 of us got nude. And we had ourselves professionally photographed. Here’s a guideline of how to get nude and what to expect:

  1. Be naked, and I mean really naked.

Full-blown naked means stripping it off and getting your “rude tudies out and on show”. Quoted by Sally Geachi – she was our organiser and there’s gotta be one to get this sort of thing happening. Kind of like an event planner, you know… the ones you get to plan your wedding! We had 2 days notice and I wouldn’t have got publicly naked any other way.

We were greeted on arrival at North Swanbourne Beach with the council’s ‘CLOTHING OPTIONAL’ sign. In truth, this didn’t motivationally help align the vision we had in store at Lululemon Athletica Claremont. But whatevs.

Put 11 highly encouraging, empowering individuals fully invested in one another, and you get a whole window dedicated to your nude ass. If you haven’t taken a stroll past the store in Claremont (and without being bias), I genuinely encourage you to check it out (or keep scrolling down). You can play GUESS WHO? but hey, who needs an excuse? I promise I’m somewhere amongst the asses.

  1. Negativity is a no-go.

We were given one rule: To not curse or judge ourselves.

One of our biggest obstacles in this social media ridden world is the inclination to compare and naturally, we find ourselves hitting Follow on Instagram handles who post photos only of their ‘perfect’ and ‘attractive’ bodies.

It’s no wonder we’ve transpired into a society obsessed over perfection. Weak when we take off our clothes and even weaker when we bare our souls.

“I’ve got a really bad tan line – just saying”. These were the exact words that came out of my mouth before the nudeness. Not ever having been a beach-goer until a few weeks ago, what I didn’t realise until we stripped, was that EVERYONE had a tan line. My changes, my progress, my insecurities were all put to the test that day.

The danger lies when we don’t stop to notice our behaviour, our thoughts. What I learnt was that we all need to prioritise being kind to ourselves. To not worry about stripping off your sweaty shorts in the change rooms after Bikram yoga, to not worry about the birthmark no one’s seen, to not worry about love making with the lights on! Our marks are what make us unique.

  1. You’ll be surprised – cos’ it went all the way up.

Put aside us women getting nude, we had some surprise visitors at the beach. It was a day not to be forgotten.


The first thing that made me nervous was this moustached man who approached us as we began undressing, only for him to watch us as his mouth gaped open! And yes, he was there the WHOLE time. 45 minutes of nakedness, with a moustached man.

Can I say one thing? You girls are HEAVEN on Earth!

– Now fully naked Moustached man.

*Giggle giggle giggle* That’s SO creepy!

– Lululemon team


Not too sure if the second surprise beats the first, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Being a nudist beach, and besides the now fully naked Moustached man, there were others too soaking up the neutrality of being naked.

We were gifted quite a sight on our walk back to clothed civilisation.

A surprise PUBLIC erection from a man lying out on the dunes. So, can you imagine beach savasana? Hands interlaced behind the head, elbows out, and COMPLETELY relaxed, except for his penis. This guy.

In the nudist community, the established nudist erection etiquette is to cover up with a towel or go in the water until the moment passes. This surprise maybe was a lesson in itself. There is to be no body shame (including for our sex organs). Remember point 2 above?

Maybe the above surprises were the universe’s way of reminding us of Jessie J’s famous words “I guess karma comes back around”.

Lululemon’s next Naked community event is open to you. Nude Yoga taught by Rosie Rees, and graciously hosted here at my studio on Friday 17th February 2017 at 6-7pm. There are only 15 spots, please RSVP to

So for all those times you thought you weren’t worth it, get naked and make it a fist-pump moment.

P.S. The men from the Lululemon Claremont team were given strict warnings not to visit. However, ended up getting their nude on, in their own terms.


Image credit: Tracey Incau