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Why Bodyscape Yoga in Nedlands is Your Sanctuary
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Why Bodyscape Yoga in Nedlands is Your Sanctuary

With activewear, juice bars and franchised gyms flooding the city, there’s certainly an over-saturation of yoga studios, but our humble yoga studio in Nedlands is the best you’ll find. We won’t disappoint. And here at Bodyscape Yoga, we take our offering to you very seriously. Which is why we’re going to share the reasons for the incredible experience you’ll get by coming down to our local studio.

Local yoga in Nedlands

All you need to do is step foot into our studio in Nedlands and you’ll be welcomed by one of our distinguished, down-to-earth teachers and this is what separates us from our neighbours as well as the commercial side that yoga can easily fall into. Our clients come back to us because they’re happy, knowing that our yoga studio isn’t just a place to sweat and stretch but one where like-minded and encouraging people breathe and move. We get to know each other and we’re not afraid to share our local go-to’s in the suburb.

Enhancing the Nedlands community with yoga

Bodyscape Yoga is the first privately owned yoga studio in Nedlands. Although previously run at a Nedlands church down the road where we had only evening yoga classes, it came time after a couple of years to move into a new location, and this space now which is set in the old tudor buildings on Stirling Highway has even more character and community for Nedlands yoga. The latter, is why Rosanna Susanto, founder of Bodyscape Yoga was so set in recreating the practice not just about setting your mat and enjoying the savasana, but to get to know the people around you.

“You never know what you will learn from the person next to you. You will never know what they’ve been through and reality is we are all the same”. This is why you might find yourself giving the person next to you a hi 5 before class, or you might need even be asked to share one thing you’re looking forward to for the day. Sometimes we forget these small things, and the light-hearted vibe at Bodyscape Yoga in Nedlands never fails to remind us of our sameness.

A pretty cosy bit of Nedlands – just right for yoga

Ever stepped into those yoga studios, hot or not, and found the room packed with bodies? Sweating, yoga-bathed, and you’re seeking for a spot where the teacher is going to give you just the right amount of attention? Well, you won’t need to worry about that in our cosy studio. Designed for a class of only 16, our vibe is personal. Our teachers give you the attention you need and oh will you be waiting for that massage in savasana – and get it. A dimly lit studio where you lay out your mat and practice and eye pillows helped on to your eyes for that final relaxation, it doesn’t get any better than yoga in Nedlands.

In our relatively new location, if you come by for the morning or afternoon classes, it might just be a small group. Come Saturday and Sunday mornings, best make sure you book your class in advance as they do pack out!

You can say Nedlands is an old and established suburb, but right here is your sanctuary, a Nedlands yoga studio created just for you.

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