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Yoga — The Ancient Art with Benefits
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Yoga — The Ancient Art with Benefits

Yoga originated in India a few thousand years ago, and while the benefits were known to the local people, the rest of the world had to wait for quite a long time before its introduction in the 1980’s, when it soon became a popular form of exercise.

Yoga Has Something For Everyone

The practising of this eastern art can relieve a multitude of physical and mental problems, and there are different classes, for specific goals the student might have. If you are an athlete and need the right stretching movements, we have a course to suit, or perhaps you haven’t really been that active and need an intro that gets those muscles moving again, but nothing too strenuous.

Soothing Active Minds

Typically, a go-getter is a person whose mind is always racing, and while this is a good thing, you need periods where meditation and contemplation take the place of the usual hustle and bustle. The spiritual side of yoga is very evident at all levels, and if a person wishes to pursue to path to spiritual fulfilment, yoga can help.

A Big Return On a Small Stake

Yoga classes are great fun, and you will meet many people with similar interests, and all those who practice on a regular basis have noticed a positive change within themselves, and this is due to yoga. Busy people can find a few hours per week, and the benefits mean increased performance in the workplace. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis say they feel lighter, they have a spring in their step, and their energy levels are high.

Relieve the Stress

Modern life races along, and we do our best to keep up, dealing with the odd emergency in between, and sometimes we never really relax. Yoga exercises can teach people to relax from within, and when you feel that sudden awareness, it is very therapeutic. The physical benefits also add to the overall well-being, and yoga focuses on that, using a number of approaches.

Interactive Sessions

Your yoga teacher plays a vital role, and each teacher has their own ideas and concepts. We like our students to ask questions and interact with the teacher, as it is this bond that will aid your development. There is a great social atmosphere at Bodyscape Yoga, with people from all walks of life who have a common goal — to improve their overall well-being.

A Range of Classes & Levels

We encourage our students to experiment. You might get a lot from one course, and then something completely different from the next, there is no fixed outcome, as the relationship between the teacher and student is a major influence. Yoga is fun, so if you’re enjoying the class, that’s the main thing. For beginners who are perhaps curious about the concepts behind yoga, the teachers are very happy to discuss the principles, while taking you through a series of exercises.

Not a Passive Discipline

What you get out of yoga depends on what you put in. If you are serious about achieving a certain goal, with the guidance of an experienced teacher, yoga can hold the answer. If you’d like to try, contact us for an appointment, you’ll be glad you did!