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Yoga Swanbourne

Our yoga classes are accessible to everybody from beginners to experienced yogis. At Bodyscape Yoga we offer a wide range of classes for our nearby Swanbourne yoga practitioners. In addition to our high quality facilities, our practitioners will relish in the opportunity to learn and improve with each and every class. By working with our highly experienced instructors: Rosanna Susanto and the Bodyscape Yoga team, rest assured you are in good hands.

Which Yoga Class is For Me?

Both our Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes are suitable for beginners, but there is quite a difference between the two. The Yin class is a gentle and relaxing class without working up a sweat. Yin Yoga is perfect for students looking to develop flexibility, relax the mind, manage stress and rehabilitate from injury. Yin Yoga focuses on deep, relaxing stretches.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice that links breath to movement. Always starting with pranayama (breath work), you get to work through the fundamental of Vinyasa with an emphasis on safety and proper alignment. You should be prepared to build strength and foundation through jump backs, balancing poses and core work.

Bodyscape Yoga Classes Near Swanbourne

Our studio as designed to offer an intimate setting where you will be given personal attention in your practice. If you have any questions about our yoga classes near Swanbourne, please contact Bodyscape Yoga today.

  • “At TFS, Rosanna introduced Yoga to many of us who previously had not done Yoga as well as those who had experience with Yoga. All staff enjoyed her classes and her approach to instructing those new to Yoga as well as keeping the more advanced Yoga people challenged. The classes and were popular amongst the staff and supported by management.”

    Quentin Megson
    GM Operations & Corporate Services
  • “Rosanna has been facilitating the yoga sessions for the Wellness program at our Department. She is a warm , friendly instructor and has adapted the lunchtime sessions to cater for different ability levels of the staff that attend regularly. Always engaging to make our yoga sessions interesting and relaxing. I am happy to recommend her for organisations looking at implementing staff wellness programs.”

    Sue Sukumaran
    Manager, Training & Development
    Public Trustee
  • “Bodyscape Yoga for me provides for a wonderful blend of physical & spiritual exploration. If you’ve been reticent about learning yoga because you may be a novice, you can brush that thought aside. One of the nice things about Bodyscape is that regardless of yoga experience or proficiency, everyone leaves their ego outside. You are welcomed in by Rosanna on a first name basis. She’s a very warm and engaging yoga teacher who will encourage you to explore your capabilities. She technically brilliant too! You’ll quickly develop the feeling that Bodyscape Yoga is just as much a community of friends with common passions, as it is a yoga school. I like that aspect very much.”

    Dom Nocum

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