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Brendan Robb
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Brendan Robb

Yoga Teacher

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Brendan Robb

After 8 years traveling the globe working on ships, Brendan has recently left his offshore career behind to pursue a love for yoga. He was initially drawn to yoga for the purpose of injury rehabilitation and prevention after competing in high impact sports from a young age, but soon grew intrigued by the positive effects yoga was having on his hyperactive mind. The physical effects of yoga helped heal lifelong injuries but it was the psychological effects that had him hooked, and pushed him to dig deeper into the transformational side of the practice.

With a background in personal training and a passion for fitness, you can expect Brendan to deliver a physically rewarding class full of energy and sprinkled with personal stories of transformation, modern philosophy and lots of humour.

You’ll find Brendan teaching our Vinyasa Flow classes at the studio and Corporate classes.

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